About Us

     I am Lisa Jean Nielson, Founder of Lisa Jean Beauty. I’m a Makeup Artist of 20+ years, body acceptance babe and marriage and family advocate.

     I’m also a believer that there is an incredible, authentic life to be lived at any age and stage, particularly the one labelled the dreaded “mid-life” because I know in my heart and believe life doesn’t end after a certain age and your worth is definitely not determined by it!

     I absolutely love doing makeup, coaching and speaking, as my passion is to help others and watch them create their own vision of possibilities. I am on a mission to assist in the collective movement we currently see, the one of women building others, connecting and collaborating with inclusion, genuine support and kindness- I can’t even tell you how excited I am that you are here!

      As I look back you know, I wasn’t always a Makeup Artist, Model and Women’s Advocate; part of my story is a 12-year battle with bulimia and anorexia which almost took my life. There were some hard and frankly scary moments during that time, however I was fortunate enough to meet encouraging women who shared their wisdom and eventually my husband, who is the love of my life, who also helped me see and find my own strength. One of the most powerful changes in my journey towards healing was in shifting my perspective and developing a practice of accepting my body as unique and authentically mine, with respect and dignity…… truthfully this is something I still work on every day. I have found that nothing has helped me stay on that path more than helping others with their own body struggles by sharing my story and fostering hope.

     Also becoming a mother deeply impacted me in a way that forever caused me to want to be the kind of example to my own five children that I could be proud of- one at peace and in love with life and herself- Love YOU More!

      We all want to be valued and loved but as a young adult I found myself in a domestic violence relationship with seemingly no self-love or ability to be protected from harm. I quickly learned that despair thrives in isolation and I swore if I could get out of that controlled condition, I would forever prioritize my voice in speaking out against Domestic Violence and violence generally against women. That particular painful situation only furthered my desire to create an inclusive, celebrating tribe for women and anyone with a burning desire to overcome that which hurts, hinders and holds them back, especially when it’s the person reflected in the mirror.

     This is a place for you! A place to have fun, talk about balanced but girly things, life after 30, learn about makeup, find inspiration towards your goals and share a laugh! I have an inner goofy girl and like you probably, I sometimes need to lighten up! So I hope you will check out a makeup tutorial, maybe buy a t-shirt to show support of the positive messages we stand for and watch a Facebook Live video to see fun and affordable jewelry and accessories.

     You may also need a kick ass Makeup Artist or coach in person or via video platforms to get you ready for your next event or actively working towards achieving your goals, so please let me know how I can serve you!

     Every single one of us deserves to feel comfortable in our skin, be nurtured and empowered with positive information, identify our own authentic beauty and find the courage to act on the passions of our heart!

     Thank you again for being a part of Lisa Jean Beauty, my beautiful, new friend! XOXO Lisa