My Top Foundations for 40+ Skin

Hi my friends! 

First of all let me just say how excited I am to be sharing my thoughts about foundations for skin over 40! This is one of my favorite subject.. (seriously) because an overall balanced makeup look calls for the perfect foundation to give a flawless look. Once you hit 40 your skin requires certain criteria in a foundation to provide hydration, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and deal with dryness where needed. Coverage becomes necessary as the skin becomes increasingly thinner. 


That being said what follows is my top picks for the perfect foundation over 40. 

*Keep in mind the way a foundation looks on the skin has EVERYTHING to do with skin prep and a solid skin care routine which I am happy to write more about specifically tailored to individuals over 40 in future posts- so let me know if that interests you in the comments for sure! 

Let’s get into this! ........ 

 #1 IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream: $38

Full coverage, SPF 50 UVA/UVB broad spectrum physical sunscreen, this foundation delivers clinically tested hydration while diffusing imperfections for a flawless look that won’t crease or crack. This one is great for all skin types too and you can often find me using this foundation on my clients. 


#2 Clinique Even Better Refresh: $30 

A beautiful, full coverage, 24 hour wear foundation which revitalizes skin creating a youthful look as it hydrates with smoothes with hyaluronic acid and peptides. This one delivers full coverage while maintaining a natural skin finish making it one of my most favorite since that combo can be hard to find.

* I’ve used this one on set and it photographs beautifully! No flash back and gorgeous on the skin! 


#3 Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth: $48 

If you prefer a medium coverage foundation this one will impress you as it brightens and perfects the skin by boosting radiance. The formula is oil free, reduces the look of fine lines and provides a 25 SPF broad spectrum. 


#4 Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation: $44

Okay... I simply could not create this post topic without including Charlotte’s products- I must admit I adore everything she creates and you will for sure hear me recommend them in the future! This foundation is definitely worth sharing as it has been described over and over as a “miracle in a bottle” (by far more than just Charlotte Tilbury and Co.) due to it’s ability to conceal while boosting the skin’s radiance with salicylic acid to retexturize skin with an oil free formulation. 

*Again .... I’ve used this often on set and it truly is an artist’s formulation in that it looks so good on both film and in photos.  

What we note in the above listed leaders as a common denominator is a higher price point- but think of it this way... foundation sit right next to the skin, even when used over a primer, moisturizer or other products. Therefore it should be considered like a skin care product which makes investing more feel more necessary. This line of thinking along with reliable, consistent results in how it performs and looks on the skin over the course of the day should be the final determination on your purchase. It is not wrong to ask for a sample or to apply some at a counter or makeup store (always get professionally shade matched if available) and simply wear it for the day and decide what you think. 

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments about any of the foundations I recommended in this post if you have tried them. You can also share your personal favorites for foundation below as well- this blog is designed to be a community and I welcome your ideas! 


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