Masks For A Pre-Winter Win!



Hi my beautiful friends! If you’re like me you are noticing and feeling a change in your skin these days as the weather becomes progressively colder and the air unfortunately drier! As a makeup artist I value a canvas that is as smooth and texture-free as possible when working on myself or a client and dry, dehydrated or patchy skin can make the texture difficult to hide even if the best primer and prep cream is used. 

One Possible Solution: Masks 

Now as it is with so many things that are meant to work together in a system, masking works best when complementing a routine which includes exfoliation, proper cleansing, toning, moisturization and treatment. Think of a mask as a super charged, targeted pause for your skin, a 10-30 min (depending on the type of mask) pampering with specific, noticeable results around the corner. 

My Sunday morning routine #skincaresunday consists of deeply cleansing, toning, masking and conditioning my skin. I do this twice a week but always on Sunday. Today I used one of my most favorite masks which is the Goddess Skin Clay Mask from Charlotte Tilbury. After 15 minutes I feel my skin is detoxified, tighter and more radiant overall and my makeup applies evenly and smooth. 

No matter your skin type there is a mask for you which when added to your routine 2x per week can render noticeable results. What follows is some of my favorite masks depending on skin type as well as budget so there’s something for everyone. Again I’m not a dermatologist so clearly these views are strictly my opinion as a professional makeup artist with a background in aesthetics and skin care. 


1. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask: great for all skin types, detoxifies and firms, brightens over time and gives a overall smooth beautiful finish to the skin. 


 2. Philosophy Purity Pore Extracting Mask: I love the smell of this one which also is effective in extracting impurities in the skin as well as giving a a deep clean look and feel to pores. This mask is great for oily/combination skin types or for those who experience clogged pores often. The skin will feel cleaner and more radiant overall. 


3. L’Oréal Pure Clay Clenaser: now while this product technically is classified as a cleanser, it acts to do both cleansing and treatment of the skin as it utilizes red clay to both extract impurities and tone and hydrate. This is the more budget friendly option so far while still delivering a skin loving result. My skin always feels deep clean and looks for radiant after use. 

4. Glam Glow Bubble Mask: Oh my goodness I could go on and on about sheet masks and maybe that should be a blog post if it’s own but I am recently loving the Glam Glow Bubble Mask! I applied it the other night while in the bath tub and enjoyed the bubbling sensation and the superbly hydrated and softness of my skin after just 10 minutes. It’s important to note to rinse the product completely off as an excess will be left on the surface of the skin even after removing the mask itself. 


5. Dr Brandt Vacuum Cleaner: probably one of the more memorable names for a product, this is another pore clearing and tightening mask. I love the smell (always a dominate factor for me) as it slightly tingles and leaves skin feeling deeply clean without a unbalanced or painfully stripped sensation. If your goal is clearer pores and more evenness to overall texture this product delivers. Excellent for all skin types however if you know your skin to be sensitive do a small patch test on one area of the face before applying all over (get a sample if possible before purchasing from your retailer of choice, Sephora for example gives samples as a courtesy to customers). 


I am grateful for the gift of masking as part of my self-care routine whether to achieve a smoother finish to the skin with a side benefit of overall hydration and clearer more refined pores or with the goal of exfoliating and deeply extracting impurities, masking can make all the difference in maintaining soft, clear and comfortable feeling skin.

Please share your favorite masks and why you love them below- I welcome your comments and want to help you any way I can! Please reach out to me if there is something I can do to help you feel your most confident self! 


Lisa Jean 

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