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My Top Foundations for 40+ Skin

Hi my friends!  First of all let me just say how excited I am to be sharing my thoughts about foundations for skin over 40! This is one of my favorite subject.. (seriously) because an overall balanced makeup look calls for the perfect foundation to give a flawless look. Once you hit 40 your skin requires certain criteria in a foundation to provide hydration, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and deal with dryness where needed. Coverage becomes necessary as the skin becomes increasingly thinner.    That being said what follows is my top picks for the perfect foundation over 40.  *Keep in mind the way a foundation looks on the skin has EVERYTHING to do with skin prep and a...

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Warmest Welcome

I am Lisa Jean, Founder of Lisa Jean Beauty.    I am a makeup artist of 20+ years, body acceptance babe and marriage and family advocate. I'm also a believer that there is a incredible, authentic life to be lived at any age and stage, particularly the one labeled the dreaded "mid-life"! Listen I because and know in my heart life doesn't end after a certain age and your worth is definitely not determined by it!    I absolutely love doing makeup, coaching other women and public speaking. It is my life's calling and passion to help others and watch them create their own vision of possibilities. You see, I am on a mission to assist in the collective movement...

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Do you really know me?

    Okay, on this rainy day I want to share a blog post with the pure intention of letting you in - sometimes we think we know someone but as we look closer we realize we really have such limited info we don’t know them at all. What we identify in a social media post or a shared photo can be very misleading when in reality what we look like is never the whole story. Images of smiles, colorful surroundings and well thought out presentations create an illusion of security and contentment. Sometimes what is on the surface has no relationship to the passion, deep needs or longing of the individual. To me, saying you truly “know” someone is...

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